Training and Workshops

Alcohol licensees and their employees have major responsibilities related to the health and safety of their customers, underage youth, and the community at large.  The Blackstone Valley Prevention Coalition acknowledges this and the importance that training/education has in keeping them up to date.  For this reason, the "Not So Easy" Program includes several trainings that will be offered to support licensees and their employees.  They are: 

Responsible Alcohol Service Training

Rhode Island law states that anyone who:
  • sells or serves alcoholic beverages
  • serves in a supervisory capacity over those who sell or serve alcohol
  • has a job description that entails checking of identification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages
  • is a valet or parking staff
is required to be certified in responsible alcohol service and re-certify every 3 years.
The Not So Easy Program will offer responsible alcohol service training that is certified/approved by the RI Department of Business Regulation.

Properly Checking IDs

Ensuring that underage youth are not sold/served alcohol is a major responsibility of all alcohol licensees.  This workshop will provide participants with the skills needed to identify fake IDs.  In today's high tech world, fake IDs are much more difficult to identify.   Different techniques and resources available to retail stores and establishments will be explored. 

Best Business Practices for Alcohol Retailers

Whether you are a new or seasoned licensee/manager/supervisor, do not miss this workshop!  It will cover best practices related to preventing underage drinking for retail stores and establishments, along with challenges faced due to COVID-19.  This includes developing written policies and procedures, training all employees on those policies, state laws, utilizing employee incentive programs, and more.